Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brownie Batter and Bill

Thanks for all the super awesome comments on my race report and Tribute Tuesday... you guys rock! 

Hope you enjoy my crazy posts!

As I mentioned a few times Bill was out of town Saturday until yesterday.  He was having a manly weekend at Spring Training in Surprise, AZ watching our beloved Texas Rangers.  I was (and maybe still am) a little jealous.  (I'm a lot jealous he is going to opening day WITHOUT me on Friday),

I love having Bill around...we laugh, goof off, argue, talk, watch insane amounts of TV and just genuinely have a wonderful time together.  Bill also (as of late) has been the chef around the house.

He gets home from work before I do - so by like 6 he's worked, worked out, showered and started dinner.  I'm a pretty lucky girl since lately training and work has been taking up a lot of my time.  Anyway.... he cooks.  And he cooks like a freakin' rock star.  One night he made rack of lamb (on like a Tuesday), some nights it's a fish creation, others a salad....either way .... he feeds me and he feeds me yummy delicious (and mostly) healthy food.

Bill was gone............I didn't go to the grocery store........ I ate what I could find....... here's what it boiled down to.....

      Breakfast:  Starbucks
      Lunch - McAlister's with Amber and John (1/2 of a tuna salad sandwich and baked potato soup)
      Dinner - Coal Vine's (pre race dinner with the peeps - pizza, pasta and dessert)

Sunday: (race day)
     Breakfast: Luna bar, 1/2 of an orange, a 5 hour energy, and water
     Lunch: Chicken Fried Steak Fingers and cheese fries (don't judge I was hungry)
     Dinner: Cheddar's with Cayla - A veggie plate.... (a little better)

    Breakfast:  Normal weekday breakfast - coffee and a granola bar
    Lunch: A sub sandwich from the deli downstairs from my office
    Dinner: Brownie Batter and Hummus

    Breakfast: Normal - coffee and a granola bar
    Lunch: La Madeline
    Dinner: Salad and a pizza (bill was home and we ordered in b/c we were both exhausted)

7 out of 12 meals were eaten out, one meal consisted only of brownie batter and hummus made by mojitio masher. 

*side note* I couldn't find the blender, the food processor is at my house (the one being sold), so all I could find to mash garbanzo beans was a the little utensil you use to mash the mint in the mojitio.  Please don't judge me.

As you can see - things may fall apart slightly when he isn't around....what am I going to do when he is gone for a week at the end of May?  Anyone want to adopt me? (and the three dogs?)


  1. End of May... humm we maybe moving you can come help :+) you know hubs and I cook like rockstars so you'd be fed to say the least.

  2. It is SO hard to cook for just one, when mine is gone, I try to cook one super huge meal have the left overs for a couple of days.

  3. Brownie Batter for dinner! I knew you were my kind of girl. My hubs is out of town for a month, but I still have to cook for the 3 runts, so anytime you want a meal, just come on over... warning though, dinner is usually the healthiest meal of the day... however, all the snacking I do between dinner and midnight probably counteracts that.

  4. Brownie batter and hummus... that's awesome! :)

  5. Guess what ... TOMORROW BASEBALL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! Go Royals! (yes I said Royals!)

  6. This post totally cracked me up. My husband doesn't generally cook for us, but he is out of town a day or two a week and sometimes I come up with the most ridiculous meals when it's just me. Nothing wrong with brownie batter and hummus :)

  7. You get an A+ for being creative with food. Brownie Batter and hummus ...I like!

  8. Yeah, baseball is back today! GO YANKEES. ok, on a serious note, without my wife at home raising our kids and keep me on track to train and eat right, I would fall apart. It's amazing to have wonderful people in your life, they keep us sane and healthy!

  9. Dude, brownie batter hummus should have the pre- fuel! Way to get creative

  10. Brownie batter and hummus? That's quite the combo! :)

  11. Speaking from experience of the occasional weekend of adoption by Mrs. Adventure and Mr. Arkansas, you would indeed be WELL fed...And if we lived closer, you bet. Dude, you sound like me when I'm pulled to thin and am to tired to care about it. I don't exactly make good choices all the time though. (I'd have had something way heavier than a veggie plate for one! LOL) GO RANGERS!!!!!


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