Friday, April 1, 2011


Happy Friday blogland!  I am especially excited today because it is opening day for my TEXAS RANGERS!!!

C.J. Wilson will be taking the mound at 3:05 CT for a showdown against Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Jon Lester.  (my money is on C.J. and his blue glove) AND Bill JUST called and got me a ticket! BOO-FREAKIN' YA! 

It really is like Christmas today - I LOOOOVE baseball season (Sorry about your Royals Jim; I was rootin' for them!)

On to the winners....

There were 71 comments entered into for prize pack 1....

The lucky #46 is ZOE! From Run, Zoe, Run! Congrats Zoe!!!  email me at allie0622 {at} yahoo {dot} com to claim your prize!!

For prize pack #2 there were 46 comments entered into ...
Lucky #15 was selected - Nolls4 - Nolls; email me at allie0622 {at} yahoo {dot} com to claim your prize!

*Prizes must be claimed within 72 hours of winners being posted - if prize is not claimed a new winner will be selected*


  1. Congrats winners - I hope you have a fantastic weekend Alli.

  2. Darn it, well congrats to the winners! They will enjoy - great giveaway!

  3. You got to see a great game yesterday! Go Rangers! I got to meet Josh Hamilton last year and he seemed like a really cool guy!

  4. You won my ryders giveaway :D Winning!


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