Monday, March 21, 2011


Quick post today because I'm heading out to Tyler, Texas today for work.

But, I wanted to let you know a few things....

1. I had an AWWSOME 11 mi run with a great friend yesterday. We took it easy on the pace and enjoyed the run. Who knew 11 mi could pass so quickly and you could actually enjoy a run! We had so much fun chatting, catching up, and dreamed of cocktails and champagne :) she is training for her first full (big d on April 10)

2. 4 more followers and I'm hosting a "my favorite things" giveaway. Two prize packs will be up for grabs. So make sure to tell you're friends to tell their friends. So on and so forth....

3. HUGE new installment coming tomorrow. You are going to want to hop on the me.

4. Weekend recap will have to come later. BUT I'm only .1 miles from finishing my Cupcake Marathon.


Sorry for any mis-spellings. I'm on my iPhone.


  1. So excited about your 100 followers!! I'm trying to get there too.. it won't be long.

    Also very excited for tomorrow!!! AGH!!!!

  2. Dang girl 11 miles - you rock my socks. I'm happy when I run 3 without stopping much less 11 one day I'll get there (maybe).

    I can't wait to see what your "favorite" things giveaway is.. oh or your new installment.

    XO - Rach

  3. Great isn't it when a run passes like that! Way to go on almost being done with the Cupcake...I've got just over 1/2 done.

  4. Good job on your CupcakeMarathon miles!!

  5. Great job on the run, and excited for things to come!!

  6. Excellent job on the run and completing the Cupcake!

  7. Way to knock out the CUPCAKE challenge!

    thank you for your sweet comments Allison!!


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