Friday, March 18, 2011


I've never been so happy to see Friday :)  Pretty much today has been a dooooozie... I have been swamped at work today...glad to finally have a breather :)

Not too much else going on - I still feel like working out sucks so I skipped my run yesterday. I know - sue me.  But I have an 11 miler this weekend so the cupcake marathon is still in my sights.  I also REALLY want my shirt to come in before I start loggin' those miles for the virtual race.

Gets me thinking.... I really want a cupcake.

Bill and I went out last night for dinner and drinks.  Can I tell you how much I just love hanging out with him?  We just have so much fun.... just the two of us ... it makes me smile!

That's about it for me!

Look out on Tuesday for our first Tribute Tuesday post..... It's going to be f-u-n!

Also - 6 more followers and I'm hosting a giveaway :) Tell your friends!!

Off to finish up work so I can have some relaxing workouts this weekend and regroup!



  1. You're on the home stretch of training for the biggest race you've done so far...not surprising at all that you are a little burned out! Just try to focus on the positive and know that on race day, it will all be worth it when you cross that finish line!! (even if you never race that distance again) You're gonna be great! HOORAY!

  2. I am heading to White Rock on Saturday around 10:30-11a if you care to join. Running for 1h25m....might help bring you out of your training workout funk. Let me know.

  3. That's a sweet post! (no cupcake pun intended)! ;) I hope that you feel mentally refreshed soon & good job on the Cupcake Marathon! It's motivating me everyday!

  4. I thought that I was already following but it the follow button is still appearing, so I'm assuming that I wasn't... hmm. You're in my Google Reader. Pumped for the contest.

    Does it help my chances if I send awkward photos?

  5. I'll follow you.... 5 more to go!!

    Gotta run.


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