Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random thoughts....

  • 37 days until NOLA..... this isn't really random as it stays in the forefront of my brain about 99.9999999% of the time.  Including when I sleep, eat, work, watch tv, go to the bathroom, workout, read, drink a beer, shower, etc
  • I was inspired Jim's (50after40) mantra - "Be Great Today" - so today I was great - I ran 4 miles at lunch (no worries I showered)
  • I'm really freakin' hungry and because I was great and ran at lunch I don't have time to run out and get anything.  Since I sucked and slept in and didn't run this morning I didn't have time to pack anything; which means I'm stuck with four icky choices for lunch.  The crap deli across the way from my building, the other crap deli down the way from my building, the crap pizza place across the street or the overpriced Japanese place across the street....none of which sound appetizing at all.
  • Bill's going to the Maverick game tonight..... in a suite....I'm a little jealous
  • BUT b/c I'm not going I'll be able to get in my hour trainer ride....and catch up on Survivor and Brothers&Sisters.
  • I will be exhausted when he comes home....he will be full of good food and beer.
  • One of my best friend's from college Grandma died Tuesday - her funeral is tomorrow and I'm sad.  She was the sweetest lady and best pseudo-grandma ever.  We will miss you Grandma Jane.
  • That same friend just told me she is pregnant - she is due Oct. 21 and I'm super excited for her!
  • Cayla and I are going to Austin this weekend..... Her 30th bday is tomorrow so be sure you follow her on Twitter (@cayalaann03) and wish her a happy birthday.  If you follow her you will be able to read her crazy work stories...she is a high school assistant principal and always had good stories. 
  • I had another showing at my house feedback yet - but hope to hear some today
  • The first showing feedback was:
    • My kitchen is too "loud" - as in too's paint - it's easily changed.
    • The kitchen could be "upgraded" - I'm not sure what else she wants but I have brand new appliances, a new sink, a pretty kick ass faucet, ceramic tile, large amounts of cabinet space, an eat in breakfast area AND a good size pantry.  Besides granite counter tops it isn't missing anything.
    • The yard is overgrown - it was a LITTLE high - but it was scheduled to be mowed today anyway. 
  • I'm too emotionally attached to my house and need to remove my emotions out of it.
    • this is hard to do.
  • Pics from my house... I'll take more (and different ones to show all rooms) but these are from the listing:
  • I have no idea how to read a course elevation map.


  1. LOL I love that we both posted random ass posts a few min apart :+) I love the pic's of your casa - not being emotional is hard.

    I know when we sold my first house shortly after being married I cried my eyes out - It was my first big girl purchase at 23 so it was hard as hell to hear people complain about the things I loved... but like all things sometimes its just time to move on.

    BTW you totally kick ass for running during lunch, I'm going to hit the pavement tonight!

  2. that green is a little loud! LOL I would paint it yourself, you'll probably appeal to more people. I know it sounds stupid, but every HGTV & TLC home selling show say to tone down paint colors to make your house sell quicker.

    Kudos on the lunch run!

  3. You're gonna be great in NOLA! And FYI, if you are trying to read the NOLA elevation map, don't's flat there. You are overtrained by riding in Dallas. I promise. :) Hope the house sells ASAP!

  4. that's awesome it has already shown.

    we accepted an offer on our house yesterday! :) so excited! in the contract they put things to stay with the house: window treatments, kitchin island, dining room table, ac unit in the storage building. really?? my dining room table?? what kind of crazy would even ask for that?

  5. Thanks for the shout-out! You'll rock NOLA! Selling your first home is really tough, it's like your baby! Good luck.

  6. Seriously girl, people have no cuth.. Don't let those little things bother you.. People will find the most ridiculous reasons for not liking your house, but you know what? Something is grabbing their attention because they came!

  7. I love your kitchen! If I bought your house I would leave it like that, so hang in there, the right buyer will love it too!

  8. I like your kitchen! I think it's beautiful! :) Thanks for the follow!

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