Monday, March 14, 2011

A hill country weekend and 10 miles

This weekend was very fun!  We celebrated Cayla’s 30th birthday in Austin as well as Fredericksburg and Luckenbach.  (If you aren’t from Texas - You’ve probably only heard of Austin).  Fredericksburg is a small German settled community in the middle of the Texas Hill Country.  It’s located about an hour and a half outside of Austin and is known for it’s local Texas Wineries (Check out Becker Vineyards if you are ever in the area),  Downtown shopping district, and 15 miles outside of town is Enchanted Rock State Park. The neighboring town, Stonewall is famous for their peaches; Former President Lyndon B. Johnson’s ranch is in Stonewall also, he and Lady Bird are both buried there.  Luckenbach is a tiny (and I mean tiny) town, it’s not even a town really…it’s basically a dance hall, a store and a walk up bar.  It was made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson when they released the song “Luckenbach, Texas” – the town slogan “Everyone’s Somebody in Luckenbach”.

Now that you’ve had your Texas history lesson for the day:

We had a blast….if you know me or have followed me for awhile you will know that my all time favorite band is Reckless Kelly.  In college we used to travel hundreds of miles and probably spent thousands of dollars on tickets (and beer…and merchandise)….although my time traveling to see RK has been drastically reduced since becoming an “adult” – I still try and see them whenever I can including last year on my birthday when I combined my two favorites – The Texas Rangers and a post game concert by RK.  Too bad it was 107 degrees outside…I thought I was going to die….I thought my mom was going to die….

I digress….this was supposed to be about Cayla…

We loaded up Friday after work and headed to Austin where we met up with Cay’s childhood friend McKenzie and Cay’s little sister, Katy.  We ventured downtown and had dinner at Iron Cactus (I actually turned down a margarita…*gasp*!)  Then zig zagged around Sixth Street where we ended up at Pete’s Piano Bar.  No matter how many times I go there, and am fully aware of their shtick…. I have fun.  We sang, danced, got Cayla up on stage and had a great time! 

Saturday we headed to Fredericksburg for an afternoon at the spa, some good German food and Reckless Kelly in Luckenbach. 

It was a great celebration of a great friend and I’m so happy Cayla had a great time for her 30th bday!

I got home yesterday around 4:30 – took a short nap and headed out for a 10 mile run. 

I laced up my shoes, strapped on my Road ID and Garmin and hit the pavement.  I knew it was going to be tough….I wasn’t properly hydrated (I drank a 40 oz bottle of water on the way home in preparation but knew it wasn’t going to be enough) and I missed my last long run last week b/c of house stuff.  But alas – I was going to push through.

I headed out of our neighborhood and planned to run 4.2 miles to the nature preserve….one loop around the nature preserve ~1.5 miles and then head home for a total 10 miles … (throw in an extra turn to round out the 10).

I started out feeling great….I was averaging about a 9:50 pace for the first 2.5 miles.  I knew I wasn’t going to last at that pace so I backed off…plus the street that takes me from our neighborhood to the nature preserve is pretty hilly…hilly in Texas terms mind you… mile 3.5 I saw road kill. EWWWW!

I reached the nature preserve and felt awesome…. This is where I ran my fastest six mile time last week in 1hr flat so I knew I could pick up some time here.  I pushed it…and finished my loop then headed back.  The sky was starting to get dark and I was afraid they were going to open up on me and pour.  Luckily – I missed the rain…I got a few sprinkles but nothing like it appeared was going to happen.

At 7 (and the second dose of road kill) I bonked out.  It felt like I had nothing left in my tank.  Zero…empty….no energy, no water, no fuel.  I blew through my chomps when I hit mile 5 at the preserve and stopped at the water fountain there. (I hate running with water bottles so I try and plan my runs where there is adequate hydration stops…be it fountains, gas stations, friends houses, etc)

I had only about ½ mile to go before I could hit up the 7-11….*high five to me for remembering cash in my belt*

I ran in 7-11 (letting my Garmin track every step until I was in the store) purchased a bottle of water *best purchase ever* and headed home.  3 miles to go.  I knew that even if I had to walk every step of that 3 miles – it could take me 30 minutes, an hour, 3 hours, whatever I was going to finish this run.  Even if f it killed me.

I hit the pavement (water in hand) and started running again.  I pulled off my ipod and just listened to my feet pounding the pavement….my breath *in and out, in and out*, and visualized being three miles from the finish in NOLA.  Then psychosis set in.

I started talking to myself…. I realized too I wasn’t talking to myself in my head but I was ACTUALLY vocalizing my thoughts.  (Hope someone doesn’t hear me and call the looney van to pick me up)

I remember saying…

“You can do this”

“You are going to finish”

“You do this b/c it makes you happy at the end and a better person”

“You do this b/c you want to be healthy and live a long time”

“You do this to give your future kids an active/healthy mom”

“You will do this b/c you love it”

“You will do this b/c you set your mind to it

“You will do this b/c people believe in you”

“You will do this b/c you believe in yourself

Then low and freakin’ behold I was around the corner from my house and the run was over

10 miles – 1hr and 48min – 10:48 pace

One last thing – I’m so close to 100 followers!! When I get there I’ll be hosting a giveaway of my favorite things!  I’m so excited – 9 more to go – so tell your friends!!!


  1. Wow Alli at least your brain tells you motivating things... unlike mine that questions old man penius questions ewww. Oh yeah double eww on the road kill I hate that last week I almost stepped on a dead squirl because I was looking up at a damn bird :+)

    Reading your post about Austin makes me want to hop in the car and drive up for drinks at Pete's tonight... to bad I have a day job lol.

  2. Looks like you had a wild and eventful weekend!! I have yet to go to Luckenbach and I've lived here for-eva!
    good job with your run!!!


  3. Thank you for the Texas lesson. I like to read and learnsomething more about your Country.
    Good job on the 10 miles.

  4. soooo

    Loved this post.
    Love the awesome self-talk!!

  5. (letting my Garmin track every step until I was in the store)
    AWESOME!! of course you did :-)
    You must!

    I talk out loud, too :D

  6. Great job and nothing at all wrong with talking yourself through it - I talk to myself outloud all the time :)

  7. We should do this it looks like fun!

  8. Shit the above comment was me Rach I was changing some stuff for Gracie and was still logged in when I commented about the hell race!


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