Monday, March 7, 2011

Suggestion Box

It's official - my house is on the market today.  AHHHH!! It was a long, exhausting, no time to train weekend.  We started Friday after the handyman left and continued until last night at 7:30pm.  On the list of completed projects:

- new grout in both bathrooms
- freshly painted baseboards and trim
- clean as in " you can eat off every inch of my floor"
- stage the entire house
- pack up everything that wasn't utilized for staging purposes in prep for move to the new house
- switch out washer and dryer (newer ones went to Bill's - older one's are being sold with my house)
- Putty all holes
- paint over all holes
- sand and repaint window seal
- sand and repaint mantel
- steel wool clean the fireplace
- clean all light bulbs and fixtures, fan blades and fixture globes
- clean and degrease oven and cooktop
- clean refrigerator (thanks cayla!)
- Clean and organize the garage
- replace the doorbell

It doesn't look like a lot when I type it out but it was a lot to do.  THANK GOD I had my mom, my sister,  my cousin, Cayla and Bill there to help me or I know for a fact it wouldn't have been completed.

My realtor came this morning, took pictures and is listing it today on the MLS.  Potential buyers - it is turnkey ready to move in - please buy this house - now!

OK - moving on.....

I need suggestions.  I was thinking this weekend, since I've never participated in any kind of endurance race other than a 1/2 mary - I need suggestions from you experienced endurance athletes.

What do I need to get?

i.e. - Gu's (obviously), water, electrolyte drink, etc etc... but what other things do I need that I might not think of.

Recommendations for race attire.... help me develop my 70.3 packing list....... Transition items.... do I need to pack power bars, etc? Do I prepare multiple bags like in an Ironman? Can I change between the bike and run?  (I really, really, really want to wear my padded Pearl Izumi bike shorts rather than my normal tri shorts)

What is some advice you can give me in preparing?  HELP - I'm a list person!!!!!!!

PS - pics of the house and the 80's party to come soon.


  1. Ahhh - I can't believe it's almost here! You're gonna have a blast! To answer some of your CAN change between events, but there is no nudity allowed and there are not you are required to bring your own towel (or whatever) to cover yourself up with while you change. I find this takes WAY too much time that I'm not willing to waste. I just wear my tri shorts through the whole thing. You could always swim in a suit, pull bike shorts over that, then take off the bike shorts and put on running shorts...that way you are always clothed in a swimsuit...?? I would worry about chaffing, but it's an option!
    Other things to pack - backup snacks and drinks for the morning of and in case you lose something. They will probably have a special needs bag for you mid-way through the run - you can put back ups in there. I've never needed it on a 1/2 (nor have I ever even packed the bag), but some find it comforting to know it's there. I usually just carry everything with me...and the aid stations are very well stocked. Nola is a point to point, right? If so, you will have multiple bags - it should give all that info on the website and the athlete's guide (which if it isn't already, should come out soon). Otherwise, all you REALLY need to bring is some goggles, a bike, a helmet and some running shoes...the rest is luxury! I CANNOT wait to hear all about it!

  2. Wow girl you have been busy, busy! I'm glad to hear the house is on the market... now lets just get that puppy sold :+)

    Thanks for the sweet comments today!

  3. we have our house on the market too. it's been up for 6 months but we are just now starting to get serious lookers! good luck!

  4. "It doesn't look like a lot when I type it out "

    seriously? that looks like a TON to me:)
    good luck!


  5. Wow I can't believe you got all of that done in one weekend! Crazy girl!

    Looking forward to suggestions you get. I've done sprints and olympic but a whole different ballgame for the 70.3 coming up.

  6. wow! you've been busy!!! good luck with selling your house. :)

  7. Find out if they are providing a changing tent, if so, you can change out of your extra padded cycling shorts to your running shorts

    You still can do the whole race in your cycling shorts, I think after awhile you will get tired of feeling like your running in a diaper.

    You probably wont have speacial need bags for the 70.3, do you have a bento box for the bike? I would put the extra nutrition in there, if you dont, stuff your cycling shoes full of your nutrition, this will make sure you dont forget it in transition as you have to take it out of your shoes and stuff in your jersey pocket.


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