Friday, March 4, 2011

Out of my funk Friday

I had a post written that I was going to publish yesterday…. I had a tough {{tough}} day on Wednesday. I woke up not feeling like myself….. Technically I guess about mid-morning I started feeling very down.  Not like depressed – but just down.

I thought to myself all day that “all I needed was a good ride on the trainer”.  Typically a good workout will kick any kind of a funk I’m in.  My funk has been onset by the constant thought that I am in no way prepared for NOLA.  I mean I am – my goodness I’m in my 23rd week of training – I may not be in any kind of shape to win or even place for that matter – but I should certainly be able to FINISH!

It goes in cycles…. One week I think OK I’m prepared I can do the run…. I can do the bike… but that swim…OH THAT SWIM. SHOOT ME NOW!! 

And then I have a good swim workout and I think…..

{As EMZ says}

“I’ve freakin’ got this”

Then….I continue to have issues wrapping my head around 56 FREAKIN’ miles on a bike.  Dear Lord – What on earth have I roped myself into?

Then…I go and have a good ride.

The run – I’m not so worried about.  13.1 miles is A LONG FREAKIN’ way alone – much less after a 56 mile bike AND a 1.2 mile swim.  But I know if I absolutely had to walk every inch of the 13.1 miles I could AT LEAST finish.

So back to Wednesday – I was in this funk.  I’m never going to finish, I’m tired of working out ALL the time, and I’m tired of sacrificing things for training… I’m tired of being tired.

I’m tired of waking up at the ass crack of dawn (even though I haven’t done this in a few weeks)… I’m tired of doing this all by myself.  I was feeling like I lost my triathlon – mojo.

Then I ran yesterday….

If you follow me on twitter (@allie0622) I tweeted about crushing six miles – or having six miles crush me.  I crushed it….with my fastest six mile time to date.  An even 1:00 hr on my Garmin…… My fastest mile was a 9:38. 

I ran at a new place… new scenery motivates me. 

I was at mile three and I saw a lady wearing a shirt, walking, with Mickey Mouse on the back and I thought of Lesley and Wifey.... at mile 4 I saw a lady with abs like EMZ , then at mile 5 I saw a dude wearing RED shoes that reminded me of Jason's En fuegos....

Seiously - you were all on my run with me....

Rejuvenated – yes; re-motivated – yes; ready for NOLA –getting there!!!

In other news…

I have a pretty bitchin’ outfit for our 80’s party tomorrow night.  Think bright yellow jeans with a neon geometric print blazer and some pretty awesome boxy shoulder pads.  I will make sure I have pictures for you.

Coming soon with my friend Janette will be a weekly link up segment….. you can link up each week – details to follow – we are hoping to go live in April.  Think inspiration, motivation, dedication, and tribute……..

The house goes on the market on Monday..... anyone need a house in Dallas???????


  1. We need to make that "on the run with you" a real life thing instead of just the Mickey shirt. ;-) Will I see you at Rock n Roll???

  2. Alli, its so great to read you again... with hubs in the hospital I am super backed up on posts!

    You MUST post photos of your 80s outfit - I can't wait to see it :+)

  3. It's crazy isn't it how you go back and forth so much with your thoughts on finishing an event. I did it with my first/only Oly I'm already doint it with my first 70.3 which isn't until August! We can and will do what we set our minds to!

  4. I sure hope your motivation to work out rubs off on me. I certainly need it!!

  5. Doubts are tough to get over, but it sounds like you are training your butt off ... you will kill this!!! I'm sure you will amaze yourself, and all of us!

  6. Workouts I always help me de-funk :) and you are going to rock your half!!

  7. You will OWN nola. OWN IT I tell you. You are going to rock it. Karen and I were talking about you this morning and your training b/c of the 6 mile tweet yesterday and you got this.

    BTW - My house first OK. Deal?

    BTWW - Shannon and I are riding and running at TMS on Sunday. Come with and you can see El Diablo with his 404s....

  8. You got in the 5k and that is what counts!

  9. I agree the new places help to run faster or for more miles.

  10. I'm sure this is a passing funk, it happens to everyone in the middle of training. Nice job getting it done!! : )


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