Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work and Virtual Races!

So Monday I got some good news.  My territory doubled and my responsibility doubled.  But it was on the heels of my coworkers departure. ... so it was kind of sad but none the less a good opportunity for me.

I'm very excited to have sole responsibility of my territory - but it is a little scary too.  Now I am the only one to blame if things go wrong - but consequently - the only one to praise if things go right :)

So needless to say - things have been hectic since Monday.  The best way to keep up with me lately has been through twitter (@allie0622) - I'm kind of addicted.

A few things going on around the blog world:

CTER and Silly Girl Running have paired up to host the virtual Cupcake Marathon/Half Marathon March 14 - 26 You should go visit their sites and sign up!  The innagural race is sure to be loads of fun!  You don't have to run all the distance in one run, but you can!  Check out the details by clicking on the link above.

Detroit Runner Jeff is hosting the "I just felt like Running" virtual 5K.  I ran mine yesterday on the dreadmill at the gym in between work and family obligations.  My time: 30:31...I could have done better but it was a long day.

Tall Mom is hosting her March Challenge - 93 miles in March to honor her love of the number 3.

So here are three fun things you can do in March!  Happy Running!


  1. I love virtual races! Thanks for posting! :)

    I wish I was able to do a half right now, the cupcake one sounds great! I'd be pushing to complete 10 or 12 though I think. LOL

  2. Well someone needs to stay home and support from the couch.. so, I"ll sign up for that... Run on toots! RUN ON.

  3. Thanks for sharing all these vitual--so a fun and FREE way to connect!! Congrats on your increased responsibilities--tough when you feel like you can't COMPLETELY celebrate though


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