Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

Thank you again for all your sweet comments on my post regarding my BFF - as usual I'm thankful that I have a wonderful community of bloggy friends that allow me to express my inner most feelings and thoughts on not only the fun happy stuff, but the hard stuff too. 

Our weekend was jammed packed with traveling.  We left on Friday and drove to Houston - met up with Kristin and Nick and then headed to Galveston for Texas Mardi Gras.  Long story short - it's amazing what drunk college girls will do for some cheap plastic beads. {insert your imagination here}.

On another note...

Saturday we had a wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding between on of our college friends and his perfect bride!  She looked gorgeous and the wedding was so fun!  Congrats Stu and Kelly!

Saturday night we plopped down on Kristin and Nick's couch and set in for some good ole TV time.  I got 1/2 way through Food, Inc and then passed out.  I want to pick it back up on Netflix and finish it b/c I was very interested but eyes were just SO tired!

I woke up before everyone else on Sunday so I went for a run.  I was scheduled for a seven miler so I mapped out the distance from Kristin's house to Memorial Park, one loop around the park and back and it equaled right over 7 miles.  SCORE.... I strapped on my Garmin, my shoes, and a head band and headed out.

I didn't eat breakfast and hadn't drank much water - the first three miles were fine.  I got 1/2 way around the park and found a water fountain.  SCORE....

Then the humidity set in - and the heat - it was like 86 degrees which is normally fine but considering I haven't ran in heat AND humidity in quite sometime it wasn't the easiest run of my life.  Then my Garmin died.  Then I got stuck waiting for a train.

It was a terrible, terrible run but it got completed and I logged the miles.

I was supposed to have this Friday as a rest day - but I ended up taking today.  I stayed up watching the Oscars (which Anne Hathaway mildly annoyed me - shoot me I know, but it was just a little.....I like almost all of her but I had just a twinge of annoy-ment during a few parts) so I scratched Master's Swim in an effort to get some sleep.

Other Oscar News:

My 10 Favorite Dresses: (in no particular order)

Mila Kunis - looking lovely in lavender

Celine Dion - LOVE this dress

Sandra Bullock - always Classy Sandy

Natalie Portman - sporting the baby bump and looking amazing

Reese Witherspoon - resembles a little Julia Roberts circa 2001 when she one her Oscar for playing Erin Brockovich

Jennifer Hudson - weight watchers did her gooooood

Anne Hathaway (the dress she walked the carpet in) - stunning and timeless

Hailee Steinfeld - looking well above her 15 years
Scarlett Johansson - not crazy about her smile in this one - but that dress was hot!

Melissa Leo - has made every other persons worst dress list - but I loved the high collar and plunging neck line!

10 that should have stayed on the rack...
Gwyenth Paltrow - looks like shes wearing tin foil....and although she has the body to rock this hip hugging aluminum foil dress - it should have stayed on her designer's rack.
Marisa Tomei - it's hugging in all the WRONG places

Anne Hathaways (blue rubber dress worn during show)

Penelope Cruz - although she looks HOT only a few weeks post baby - her dress choice wasn't my fav

Cate Blanchett - remove the boxy sleeves and this is a win for me!

Nicole Kidman - I love the colored shoe with the white dress - but the dress is a FAIL

Halle Berry - Love her and she always looks fabulous but this resembles a three year olds attempt to put tulle on a dress.

Helena Bonham Carter - Her face is a perfect accessory to this dress choice - sour face = sour dress

Lynne Harless (Justin Timberlake's Mom) - more support needed - enough said.


  1. lol - You'd think with Justin Timberlake being so stylish himself he'd dress his mom up better!

    And I love Hailee Steinfeld! She was so good in True Grit!

  2. Sorry, I know it's a fitness blog ... but did anyone else think James Franco was totally baked?

  3. LOL loved the dress dos/donts. Reese and Sandra and two of my fav actresses in general! I also love M.Leo's dress. Hope you finish up Food, Inc. soon - it's good!


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