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Tribute Tuesday - Week Three.... Grab a C.A.B.

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted today - no excuse other than I've been busy at work. 

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Tribute Tuesday - 4/5/2011

I've decided that this post is not meant only to pay tribute to the sweet sweet people in my life who I love and adore or who motivate me, or who put up with my neurotic, borderline straight jacket, ways but to let YOU into my life.  MY REAL LIFE...not my fake, I have a blog and I'm going to pretend like everything is hunky-dory, sunshine and roses, unicorns and candy life.....I mean my REAL it sometimes sucks, most of the time is pretty awesome (you only have one), bad things happen but you can over come them with a smile and a vodka, LIFE - L.I.F.E.  Live It Full Everyday!

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans"

So this week...you get to meet C.A.B. Cayla, Quayla, Queef-la (don't ask Bill named her that), Cay Cay, the peanut butter to my jelly, the salt to my pepper, the "pay day" to my "skittles" (more on that later), she's been there through just about every life changing event in my life (including this triathlon stuff)...
Cayla and I met the summer before my junior year of college.  I had decided to go to A&M and her roommate, Kristin, had decided to move home to Houston.  I needed a place to live and through our mutual friend, Karen, we met, sub leased and VOILA – roommate we were!

It was a rough two years when Cayla and I lived together…. We didn’t like each other very much.  In fact, we didn’t talk all that much, except in passing… you wouldn’t know that now considering we talk everyday, usually 2 or 3 times.

I won’t bore you with the details – but we became close in 2003 when Cayla’s fiancée (at the time) was stationed in Killeen.  They were going to a military ball one weekend and a friend needed a date, enter me, the rest is history….

When Cayla’s ex-husband was deployed to Iraq I spent many many days and nights on the road between College Station and Killeen, as did Cayla.  The 12 months that he was deployed was probably when Cayla and I became close.  We spent the summer of 2004 floating the river and trying to kill time until he came home.  It ended up being the best 12 months b/c we grew so close.  It was miserable at times, what she went through while he was away, but I’m thankful we had that time to grow close and develop the friendship we have today.

Cayla is my partner in crime.  Period.  Pretty much any crazy idea either of us have we go with it.  For example, triathlon.

In 2008, after Bill and I had broken up, I was laid off, and absolutely miserable…..I knew I had to do something.  I had to get up off the couch…I had to stop literally lying in my misery day after day …. I couldn’t continue to do laundry, search for jobs, and drink wine during the day…people frown on that.

I decided to start working out.  About this time all my girlfriends from college had decided to start a “biggest loser” type contest.  We had all packed on a few L.B.’s and loosing a few wouldn’t hurt.  The contest started in November 2008.  By the end of November I was job-less, boyfriend-less and fat…. Not a good combination.

While I was searching on the internet one day, and probably a few glasses of wine in I found a link to an event titled “My First Tri” – I immediately called Cayla.  This is how I remember our conversation…

Me: “I found an event – My First Tri”

Cayla” WHAT!” (laughing)

Me: “You know My First Triathlon…swim, bike, run, I think”

Cayla: “and….”

Me: “I want to do it”

Cayla: “I’ll do it with you”

Me: “OK – I’ll sign up”

This tells a lot about us…. She is ALWAYS there for me…no matter what.  Just this weekend she rode with me for 30 miles around downtown Dallas after being in Odessa until like midnight the day before.

She is selfless.

She is loyal.  She is beautiful. She is strong.  She is determined.  She is smart.  She is successful. She is someone to look up to and gives great advice.  I am so proud to call her my friend – and more like a sister.

Cayla – I love you to pieces and just don’t know what I do with out you. You have inspired and motivated me in ways I never thought possible. I remember one day (back in like 2009) we were riding our and I said to her... "Did you ever think 1 year ago we would be riding our bikes around Grapevine lake?" and she said "No, but I love it" and I said "me too"

Something’s are better shared with other people!

And now for your viewing pleasure….. PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!

The weekend before we started our weight loss challenge in 2008.  Me, Jess, Cay

Buying our first tri outfits....mandatory dressing room pic!

last weekend at Tour Dallas

One of my favorite pics of Cayla doing her best Sarah Palin impression

Girls Weekend 2007ish... lots of beer, lots lots of beer!

Cayla's Graduation party when she graduated with her Master's

Being Silly....

One year after our weight loss/active life style beginning

Finishers! My Frist Tri April 2009

In Kona HI for vacay!

She took care of me when I had surgery

Silly girls....

Weekend trip to L.A.

Many o' Ranger's games!

Urban Dare Dallas 2010

White Rock 1/2 - She is always there to support me!

And makes really good birthday cakes!

Tri #2 - Las Colinas, Texas June 2009

I have no idea... I just think this pic is funny

Two peas in a pod - um - I mean photo booth

Pay Day and Skittles....... our rapper names


  1. Fantastic!!! How very lucky you are to have such a good and true friend!

  2. I love your Tuesday post, great friends are hard to find

  3. just found your blog... you will now be semi-stalked on a regular basis. Love ya and so happy yall are friends so i reep the benefits! - KC


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