Thursday, May 19, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure....Shannon's 140.6 SHOUT OUT!

Shannon (along with a slew of other peeps - including my coach!) are racing IMTX this weekend....

Shannon was so supportive of me during NOLA70.3 I had to return the support ...

Please ignore my  mushroom head/curls

Shannon - you are going to rock it this weekend!!


  1. What a cute shout out... now I want one :+) I guess I need to run a race to get you to hold up a sign for me eh?

    XO have a great Thursday sweets!

  2. I love it

    That is some serious air you got on that jump, you look so high off the ground


  3. BDD - I wish I got that much air!! I jumped off that little bitty step - wait till you see the outtake pics..... terrible...

    Rach - I would totally make you a sign!!!! Are you thinking about a race????

  4. I was *just* thinking about Shannon and her signs and how she needed a sign back. So I absolutely freakin' LOVE this post. Go Shannon!!!

    Nice bouncy curls there, Allison...

  5. I'm sure I'd pull something if even thought about jumping like that.
    Go Shannon!

  6. You are so awesome!!! Thank you so much! I'm here and all checked in and At the hotel unpacking and getting the gear bags transferred! So excited! It is hot and humid down here, for sure!! Thank you again so much! You look so cute in this pic! :)

  7. That's an awesome pic no matter how you got it! Go Shannon!

  8. Cool shot!

    So cool seeing people hitting up the first IM's of the season. Go Shannon!!!

  9. I emailed and exchanged texts with Shannon and she is ready. I am leaving here in about 30 minutes to head down there and hopefully get there in time to have dinner with her tonight as well. Fired up for her she is going to rock it.

  10. What a jump and you even remembered to smile at the top! Awesome!! Sending positive race mojo to Shann!!


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