Friday, May 13, 2011

Foto Friday

The new ride.... sorry for terrible pic
The inside....front (it has two more rows of seating....can we say Mom car??)

Kitchen painting project.... It started lime green and was painted the khaki color on the right

Anna even made my chalkboard wall cute :)

Breakfast area

a triathlete's cup holder.... two bottles of water, honeymilk, power crunch bar and body spray!

Ran this morning at 6:30am with Courtney.... I love my 4all for Jofit running skirt I won from Karen and my CEP socks I won from Felice over at Happy Runner

My favorite post run treat/second breakfast!!!


  1. Love your new ride, I guess we are all getting mom cars eh? :+)

  2. I love the new ride!! And the kitchen color looks better then the previous key lime pie.

    My console looks the same

  3. Nice new car!
    Love that your cup holder holds so much stuff, awesome!!

  4. Found your blog via BDD and via twitter. Good luck selling your place!

    Read your post about New Orleans. Sorry the swim was canceled. I did the race the year before and that was BY FAR the hardest HIM swim I have done.

    Anyways, I am following you now! (NOT in a creepy, stalking way, of course!)

  5. I thought to myself that the car was so sparkly....congrats.

  6. Hey I your new follower. Love the new ride!!

  7. WE HAVE THE SAME CAR!!! I love my Al, I'm sure you do too. Call me up, yo. :)


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