Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day One: Black Bean Burgers

I was nervous waking up Monday morning.... I stepped on the scale...weighed myself and was prepared for an increase in "that" department.  I was right... but that was OK - I had a plan.  A plan to see what one week of being a vegetarian would do to me....

Would it kill me?

Would it help me loose a few lb's?

Would it increase my energy?

And so many more questions.... I had so many because I have never been a vegetarian.  I have lived on red meat my entire life and it has always been a part of my diet.  I didn't understand why people wouldn't eat meat (unless for religious/cultural reasons) - why would you CHOOSE to not eat the bloody red goodness of a cow's rump?  Anyway, I embarked on this journey for one week to see what would happen; will that one week turn into one month, one year, one lifetime? Who knows but here is my experience with Day One of the The One Week Vegetarian.

Breakfast - typical breakfast - Quaker Oats in the a.m. and some water.  I skipped the morning coffee and diet coke just to see if I would get a splitting headache.  I supplemented with lots and lots of water.  I peed a lot from 8am to 11am.   No workout today so all was well with one breakfast.

Lunch - no headache yet - SCORE!  Getting nervous about what to eat considering I didn't pack a lunch.  Decision time came and the team opted for Thai food.  Veggie spring rolls and brown rice it was for my first meat-less lunch.  It was delicious - topped off with an icy cold Pellegrino.  Yummy....

Afternoon is when I get my sweet craving.  I continually drank water to keep my tummy full and curb that sweet tooth.  It worked.  I traded my afternoon sweet tooth for about 19 trips to the bathroom - but by this time **Too much info to follow** I was peeing clear and that means adequate hydration (or that I'm drunk but I definitely was NOT drunk)

Dinner: Thanks to Matt over at The Athlete's Plate for posting his favorite recipes.  I swiped his recipe for black bean burgers and headed to the kitchen.

I tried to document in pics... except the finishing pic of me actually eating the creation...

Step One - get ingredients - CHECK!
Step Two - Saute veggies in a skillet...Easy enough...
Step Three: Rinse and Drain black beans while veggies are cooking...
Step 4: Take sauteed veggies and pulse in food processor ( I forgot to take a pic)
Step 5: Add in cilantro - no pic
Step 6: Add in and pulse beans ... again no pic.

Step 7 - take bean/veggie mix and combine in bowl with bread crumbs, egg and spices.
Step 8 - form three patties and put in cast iron skillet
Step 9 - Cook 8 minutes..

Steo 10 - place on your favorite whole wheat bun, top with your fav veggies and VOILA!

I am clearly not a food photographer (or any real photographer for that matter) so sorry for the images.... I tried :)

This was one darn good black bean burger.  The cilantro in the pattie along with the spices make it taste a little Mexican/Southwestern which is totally fine with me.  I would put cilantro on anything.  I topped mine with fresh spinach, tomato, avocado and a little feta cheese. 

But the real test is ... what did Bill think?

He liked it so much he ate the third one!  I sauteed mushrooms for his - he loves them; I hate them.  He said he loved it and would like to add it into our dinner rotation.

All in all it was a deliciously filling dinner that is a recipe for the keeping.  Thanks Matt for recipe!  If you are interested in creating this black bean burger for yourself... click here!

What's your favorite burger and toppings??


  1. Congrats on Day1. That is awesome.

    Next time for that real SW feel added in seeded chipotles. That will add some heat and great flavor.

    BTW - I am going to feature you this week on TAP since you are going down the vegetarian road.

  2. Totally going to give them a shot thanks girl!

  3. That burger sounds delicious. I love black beans in everything. I will have to make this!

  4. mmm I love black bean burgers, they're so versatile! Your version sounds delish. Glad your first day went so well :)

  5. I love black bean burgers. I make some with beets and they are sooo good. I usually get the headache from no caffeine on day 2-3. Keep the tylenol handy! And the sweet cravings go away about the same time as the caffeine headaches do. Days 2-3 are the hardest when giving things up.

  6. Oh yummy! I saw those on his blog and thought they looked good. I will now have to try them. Looking forward to seeing just how this will go for you and what your results are.

  7. I am soooo going to try this one, better then the other recipe I have

  8. super yum! love black bean burgers


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