Monday, June 13, 2011

The One Week Vegetarian

I'm going vegetarian this week. 

I planned my menus last week and will be posting as I cook and eat them and will be sure to let you know any and all feedback from me and Bill.  It should be interesting.

I'm planning on total vegetarianism for 7 days starting today as well as a low sugar diet.  I have a problem with cookies.  I have a problem with brownies.  I have a problem with cake.  I have a problem. 

I made my last batch of cookies last night.  They were delicious... I savored every bite of them.  And then said goodbye.  It was traumatic but totally worth shoving my mouth full of them as I watched Dirk win his first championship.  Go Mavs!

And then this morning.... we had a meeting with everyone in the office...the breakfast of choice...donut holes.  Luckily I had eaten my Quaker Oats and was pretty full but the donut hole box and I had a discussion; it wasn't pretty but my angel side won out against that devilish box of sugary goodness.  NO donut holes for me.

In preparation for my week of vegetarianism my friend Courtney and I went to the farmer's market in downtown Dallas on Saturday.  If you are not familiar with Dallas - the farmer's market is a staple in south downtown.

The farmer's market was established in the 1800s as farmers came to town to sell from their wagons.  In 1939 the market was officially established and formalized with the first shed being built to house the farmers.  Today there are 4 sheds as well as various street vendors, and an entire street dedicated to floral.  It is an amazing place on Saturday morning.  The sights, sounds, colors and samples of the locally grown produce are overwhelming and delicious.

I went to the farmers market as a little girl with my family but hadn't been back in years.  It is totally worth the 25 minute drive and I plan on making it frequently.

So here was my produce shopping list for the week:

2 avocados - They were a little pricey
6 white onions - They were also a little pricey - I can get a bag at the store for less than a basket
1 red onion - Wasn't able to purchase a single red onion
4 tomatoes - came home with 6
4 sweet potatoes
2 bell peppers
2 bunches of fresh spinach
2 Portabello Mushrooms
10 White mushrooms
2 chipolte peppers - only available at the grocery
2 egg plants
1 bunch cilantro
4 jalapenos - came home with 22!
3 zucchinis - came home with 4
18 garlic cloves
3 shallots - came home with 8
pears - FORGOT!
dried cranberries - Didn't find any dried fruit

*Plus I came home with a pineapple (they were 2 for $5)

It was a great day with a great friend!  Tonight after work it's off to the grocery to pick up the remaining needed items and then it's my first attempt at a vegetarian dinner. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. Your farmers market looks really cool - ours is so small but still good produce :o). I'm really excited about you going veggie this week hopefully I'll find some good recipes through you!

    Thanks again for the shout out - I heart you.

  2. Yeah baby. Can't wait to see what you make. And if you get some great recipes going let me know and I will feature them on Fitblogger as I am the editor of the food/nutrition section.

    Lastly, we are doing OWS on Thursday at 630am. Let me know if you are in.

  3. FRUIT!!! I have a sweet tooth as well, fruit will help.

    I was a Mavs fan last night, Ohio thanks the Mavericks

  4. Um, so what are you going to do with 22 jalapenos?!

  5. 22 jalepenos. I. Freaking. Love. That.

    9. More. Days!! Yay!!

  6. Good luck to ya this week. As a meatarian, I appreciate you leaving more meat for me this week.

  7. a pineapple sounds so good right now. I have never bought a pineapple-ever. I want to but I have no idea how to cut one. I know, i'm retarded! :)

  8. The first step in overcoming your addiction is admitting there is a problem! :)

    I'm super excited to see how this goes for you! Keep us updated!


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