Friday, June 10, 2011

Pre-Race Report - Metroplex Sprint Tri

I'm racing this weekend...first time since NOLA69.1 70.3. 

It's not put on by my favorite group; in fact the RD can be A HUGE P.I.T.A. (Pain.In.The.A**)  But it's a great fast and flat course and it's local AND it's Win, Win, Win!  Cayla is racing with me and this will be her first race of the season in preparation for her first HIM in October; the Longhorn70.3.  We haven't raced together since 2009 the 2010 season I only raced one tri b/c of my shoulder surgery so I'm VERY excited to race with her! 

The swim is 400m and a triangular course.  I'm assuming the buoys will be on our left and if I can estimate correctly it will go something like this...actual map I just added the distances.

My goal for the swim is 2fold.... #1 Control the Freak Out.  Although I've swam a few times in open water this season with Jason and Greg - I have yet to RACE in open water.  Two totally different things.  The distance is short but I still have to control the mental aspect of this discipline.  For me - it's all about focus and not fighting...just go with it; swim and before I know it - it will be over and my feet will be on dry land.

Secondly, it's about time...I would like to push myself through this race.  It's a shorter course and I think I really "leave it all out there" this weekend. 

Distance: 400m
Goal Time: 12 min (3:00/100)


The bike course is an out and back, fast and flat course.  (just the way I like it)  I want to hammer down on this race and push myself. The run is only 2 miles so I think I can push hard on the bike and still have enough in the tank for a successful two mile run.  Plus Cayla is running with me and she is a strong runner so I know she will push me through the run. 

Distance: 11m
Goal Time: 40 min (16.5 mph)


As I said before, it's a 2 mile run so I'm hoping I can bang out an average of 9 min. miles on the run.  It's inside the park and flat as well

Distance: 2miles
Goal Time: 18 min. (9:00min/mile)


Total Goal Time: 1:10:00 

**of course I will have my T.A.A.N with me all day!

We shall see - stay tuned for a race report next week!  AND head over to Mrs. Adventure for her day of giveaways...

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  1. Enjoy the reward for all your hard work!!!

    I am liking the description of this course, flat = fast = fun, Triple F

  2. Sending positive (and fast) race vibes your way! Go fast, faster, and EVEN faster!! GO hard! It will be over before you know it! And have fun!!!!

  3. The race sounds awesome and totally makes me want to start doing them :o)

  4. Good luck! Sounds like a nice short race

  5. Enjoy yourself out there. Controlled aggression is what it is all about.

  6. Good luck!!! Sounds like you have a good game plan going in :)

  7. good luck this weekend! cheap races are nice... too bad the RD can't be cool.


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