Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Training wrap-up

Happy Monday!  I am especially cheery this morning!  I'm very excited because today starts WEEK ONE of 70.3 training for REAL... My coach, Lea, sent me my week of work outs last night and I am stoked...seriously...stoked!

Not only because she is awesome... but I had a break through moment yesterday.... Want to know? Sure you do....I'll start from the beginning...

FYI - my weekend was only THAT much more amazing because 1. TEXAS RANGERS CLINCHED THE AL WEST DIVISION TITLE!! First time in 11 years... 11 years people!! 2. My Dallas Cowboys beat the Texans in a MUST win football game, and 3. texas lost to UCLA... UCLA only had 27 yards of passing and still whooped up on the longhorns... take that t.u.

I digress.....

I posted on Saturday about how my bike ride was cancelled due to weather.  It rained POURED on Saturday.  I woke up at 6:15am, got dressed, and headed to load up my bike.  I opened the front door and it was seriously a torrential downpour.  No exaggeration...

I promptly put my PJ's back on and cuddled up next to Bill.... and slept until 10ish.. it was fantastic to sleep in.

Cayla came out on Saturday and we had a good old fashioned workout together.  Last year when we were training for our First Tri we ALWAYS worked out together.... every weekend.  But because of schedules and different goals, etc etc our workouts slowly tapered off.  She came out and we went and ran at the gym (since it was raining) and swam.

I had an easy 2mile run on Saturday because I had a "long" run day on Sunday.  She ran 3 and then we swam about 1000 yards.  Not too shabby for a Saturday....

Saturday night we went out with Bill's baseball team and may or may not have had one too many.... Sunday was going to be tough for a 4-miler....blame the Pimp-C....

Sunday we watched the Cowboy game and then I did some things around the house.  I was feeling much better after a greasy cheeseburger and french fries... sometimes grease and empty calories are just necessary.

Then I laced up my shoes and headed out to the Katy Trail for a 4 mile run.  I have never been to the Katy Trail but everyone in Dallas talks about it.  I live north so I have to drive probably 15 minutes to get to it.  It is a 3.5 mile (out and back is 7  miles total) paved run/walk/bike/roller blade trail that runs from the American Airlines Center in Downtown through the city north to SMU.  It’s marked every ¼ of a mile.

Here’s where I started (and ended):

I started at the south end of the trail at mile marker ½.  I started running… feeling pretty good and loosening up.  I hit my stride half way through the run at the mile 2 turn-around.

My motivation…. I counted down at every ¼ mile markers…there are 4 quarters in a mile… 4 miles…16 ¼ mile markers….. 16…15….14….13….12…. it was a shorter goal than counting down the miles… every ¼ mile was an accomplishment.

Little things people….

I haven’t run over 3 miles since I had my shoulder surgery … Sunday was a break through… not only did I run 4 miles… I ran 4 miles and didn’t feel as if I was going to DIE…

When I was finished – I felt strong – and for the first time since I signed up for White Rock 13.1 I felt like I could do it… I know I have to do that 4 miles two more times (plus 1.1 miles) but it’s true… running is all mental and heart.

There is a saying in triathlon that the swim is all about focus, the bike is all about patience and the run is all about heart….. I have a big heart …..

Weekly workout recap 9/20 – 9/26:

Total Miles = 34
Bike = 18 miles
Run = 13.25 miles
Swim = .57 mile

Coming up tonight:

1200yd swim and a 30 minute bike

70.3 here I come…….

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  1. Wow girl hearing all your training makes me feel bad for being lazy this am. I HAD planned to go to the gym... but was easily distracted by warm fur babies and it being hubs birthday :+)


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