Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cry me a river.....

Thanks for all the support on my flip turn post yesterday.  I even flip turned at Masters today- IronDave was impressed....I think I smiled underwater!

I ran a 4 mile tempo run yesterday - Here was the plan:

Mile 1 - warm up
Mile 2 - begin to build pace slightly to 80% until 2.5; 2.5-3 gradually increase to 85%
Mile 3 - 3.5 - decrease to 75%
Mile 3.5 - 4 - very easy cooldown.

Here's how it ended up:

Mile 1 - 11:00min/mile - warm up
Mile 2 - 10:13/mile - pushing the pace a little (for me) but not terribly uncomfortable
Mile 3 - 9:40/mile - thought I was going to die
Mile 4 - 10:30/mile - gradually brought my heart rate down and then cried when I was done.

I'm a crier.

I cry when I'm happy, I cry when I'm sad, I cry when I'm mad, I cry when I finish a race and apparently I cry when I finish a tempo run.  Hey, it happens....what can I say - I'm a chick and I have emotions.  God help us when and if I ever have babies.  It could be a long nine  months.... with my infant size tear ducts and toddler size bladder Bill could be in for it.

Not that you care about my tear ducts or my bladder.

Speaking of bladders....

I finished The Long Run by Matt Long in a little under 2 days. The first day I read 14 something chapters.  You should go pick it up.  It is awesome. (or you can still enter to win it over at Running with Whit).  I'll save my review for when I win this giveaway... I'm determined to win at some point...... I just want to re-gift it to you!

I picked up my race packet for the 15K which I've become increasingly more nervous about over the last few days.  Yesterday the 4-miler went great but that pesky pain I had in my calf while I was training for the 1/2 has crept up again.  I need to look at my mileage on my shoes....may be time for a new pair...and practice that KT tape again - that sure helped during White Rock. 

Other than that I'm feeling great.  I swam 2000 yds at Master's today and have a 45 min. tempo ride tonight on the trainer.  I plan to catch up on the bachelor during the ride....don't judge me.

One of the three dogs has had diarrhea for the last week.  It's really starting to piss me off.  I don't think it's Lyla - pretty sure it's one of the others.  I need them to stop though b/c I'm getting tired of cleaning up shit all around the house.  Scratch that - Bill is tired of cleaning it up and I'm tired of following behind with 409 and whatever else I can get my hands on to sanitize said area. 

So ....

Dear Shakes and/or Deuce,

If you are reading this while Daddy and I are at work - PLEASE STOP SHITTING.... you are really starting to wear on me.  You are not very cute when you are pooping all over the new flooring in the downstairs.  Nor are you cute when you are farting up a storm - so much so that I had to hide behind my snuggie all last night while on the couch AND have two candles burning.  Your ass odor is foul - and I suggest you fix it - QUICK!

thanks and gig 'em,
your human mommy

If this doesn't get better by Friday - I'm calling the vet.  Do they have doggie diarrhea medicine?  If so, they are all three getting it!

Enough talk about bodily functions from me and my dogs.... hope you have a wonderful hump day!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. If you get fired I will write you a note. The boss clearly needs his fix of shart brownies.

    Yeah, dog diarrhea will put you in a bad mood fast. I just cry.

  2. I'm a total crier as well :+) I hope the puppers stomachs get in order before you have to bring the hammer of god down on them (or call the vet - either way ).

  3. congrats on the flipturns!

    My dog's name is Deuce too, he's a (soon to be) 9 year old pug.

    i am just starting to do triathlons. i did one last fall, but there is a series of sprint ones the next 4 months. any tips?

  4. Good job on your tempo run. For your pups, yes they do have medicine that can help. First they will probably do a quick blood test to make sure nothing is wrong. My dog had a diarrhea issue once and it was one of the worst things I've ever dealt with. Hope your pups get to feeling better!

  5. Crystal - YEA for you! Triathlon is awesome and pretty sure you will be addicted :) Email me allie0622 {at} yahoo{dot}com and let's chat!

    Whitney - thanks for heads up on the testing..... we woke up this morning poop free so hopefully whatever it was has run it's course....or the dogs read the blog and decided to stop :)

    Rach/SUAR - glad to know I'm not the only crier out there :)


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