Thursday, January 6, 2011

showing off....

I wore my new cowboy boots to work today....
Thanks Mom for a totally AWESOME Christmas present

Also I totally forgot to mention that I got This baby for Christmas too...Remember HERE?
I have a totally rockin' boyfriend who knows exactly how to make me happy!

That's it for now...... working on another post but it maybe for tomorrow.

4 mile easy run tonight :)


  1. Nice boots. That picture made me decide to finally buy some. They go with sun dresses right?

  2. They go so cute with dresses! Truthfully I wear them more with dresses/leggings than I do jeans!

  3. Love the boots! I'm boot obsessed :D

    Jealous of your Garmin, I want one so bad!

  4. I love your boots! I want some BAD!
    The garmin is a given...on my wish list...maybe for my birthday? I can always hope :-)

  5. Love, love, love those boots as a -matter-of-fact I'm totally jealous :+)

    Glad you got your new Garmin, with all your workouts you need the best - xo.

    PS: I got you package there will be a post soon dedicated to those awesome prizes and you my friend!

  6. love the boots! I have the same Garmin, love it too. Now you have to name it : )


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