Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Friday

Do you ever just have those days when you feel like everything is going your way?  I had a post that I was going to post today (a letter to my BFF) but it was very emotional and although I'm emotional everyday about loosing Jess - I just didn't feel like posting it today.  Perhaps soon. 

On another note - this is my 97th post...three more to 100 baby - I'm thinking something neat-o for 100...a giveaway perhaps.

I have had an awesome day at work - a kick ass appt this morning with a new client.  Unwrapped the possibility of writing a whole lot of business with them.  (SCORE!)  Had a great lunch with another broker who is a die hard LSU we had fun going back and forth about the game tonight (Cotton Bowl LSU vs. A&M 7pm Central - GIG 'Em Baby!)  and then - I won another giveaway.  Boo-ya.

Go visit Jeff over at Reckless Abandon - he's a Texas boy living over on the East Coast (coincidentally we are both in insurance - small world)  I won the book he gave away Trizophrenia - which I will be regifting and giveaway to one of you when I'm done.

Go leave him some love!

I have my 15K in the morning which is not going to be very fun.  This calf pain is getting run last night sucked b/c of it.

For now - I'm going to sign off and pray to God my Aggies show up tonight.....oh yes and go put on all the obnoxious maroon I can find.


  1. Gig 'Em (that's what you are supposed to say right?)

    See you in the AM. Rest up that calf.

  2. Hi!! Look forward to meeting you in the morning! I just read your "About" page and your "likes" section? Holy cow... You and I Must have been separated at birth! :)


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