Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flippin' Flip Turns...

So Jason and I had a discussion the day he killed me, uh hum, I mean, the day we rode bikes together about flip turning.

I said - I don't flip turn.... he said "I don't either" and then laughing interjected,  "you aren't going to flip turn around a buoy in an open water swim".  But my coach flip turns, and everyone else at Master Swim flip turns, so I thought I needed to flip turn.
*not me* :) Thanks Google.

The last time I attempted a flip turn was the day in the pool I snapped my rotator cuff.  I had just finished, what I thought, was an Ah-mazing-Phelps-like-flip-turn, I went for my first stroke and "SNAP" - there went my shoulder and the tears.

Last week I met with my friend Miche (It's pronounced M-ish) for a swim.  Miche has been through some pretty traumatic stuff in 2010 - just to give you an idea, her husband had viral meningitis just two weeks after she gave birth to their second child.  A few months after that she was diagnosed with a blood clot that she inevitably had to have surgery for to place a filter in her heart to stop any further clots from killing her.  She is not even 30 yet - and in great shape!

Her doctor just cleared her for working out.  4 times a week - no more than 2 runs per week.

We met at the pool on Friday (NYE) to get in a few laps before I had my hour trainer ride.  She hadn't swam since she was like 12 on the local summer swim team...... she is fast - and she freakin' flip turns.  I was now determined.

I worked on my flip turn once with her....then decided "f" it... until yesterday.

Bill and I went to the gym last night (since I slept through Masters).  He had cardio/weights which equal about an hour and I had to swim 2000 yds.  I was determined to flip turn....each and every time...no matter the amount of water that went into my body by either nose or mouth. 

I did it.... I flip turned all 80 something times.  Boo-ya..... I'm not saying is was Olympic quality or that it was even that much more efficient...but I did it.  And I felt good afterward....

Looking forward to my first tempo run - 4 miles.  Any tips for a successful tempo run? 


  1. The only time I attempted a flip turn was so ridiculous that I never tried again. I pictured the gym people seeing my attempt on the pool cam and figured they had a pretty good laugh :-)
    I applaud you for persevering!! 80 is awesome!

  2. sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I think it I should, but I also agree there will not be a time in my life where a flip turn will be neccesary.

  3. Awesome! I think I would be hesitant too if I had brokena bone doing a flip turn... For me, I do them because it just seems to keep the flow of the swim going. I think of it as doing a crunch at the end of the lane. No need for extra ab work :)

  4. Motherf'er....now I have to practice these darn things. C'mon....we were buddies, partners in crime, standing against the man in the flip turn world. Now I have to make 2011 the year of the flip turn and I'm not looking forward to it nor am I happy about it....Thanks, just thanks!!!!

    As for tempo runs....here is the deal. Warmup well and then get into it and enjoy the pain that comes with it because it will make you faster and then cool down well too.

    I am doing a tempo run Thurs AM. 2 mile warmup around 9:00/mile then 3 miles at 7:05/mile pace, then 2 miles at 9:30.

    Enjoy the pain and push through it.

  5. I think flip turns are important for triathletes who swim with swimmers (at masters). If you want to keep up with people who swim your speed you need to know how to do flip turns. Otherwise you get dropped at the wall and can't swim with people who are the same speed as you. Flip turns don't (usually) hurt triathletes, just help. Of course I've never known anyone to really injure themselves during a flip turn.

    enjoy the tempo run!

  6. I love swimming, I love the water, needless to say I'm thankful that flip turns are not in my vocabulary... high five though I'm impressed 80 :+)

  7. Flip turns give you a huge advantage, so not much benefit training for a tri. Better to turn without touching the wall. They are fun, though.

  8. Hi, I just saw your post for flip turns, which is not an easy thing. Whenever I try, I get so much water up my nose that I spend the next half lap trying not to cough.
    Way to go :)

  9. you are too funny! i've been swimming for years and at one time VERY competitively. I know how you feel about flip turns...we've all been there. There IS a learning curve but once you get comfortable with them, it's like riding a bike! :) Thanks for the sweet comment on my prego post!

  10. I'm actually probably better at flip turns than actually swimming. Here's the benefit of flip turns for traithlon/OWS - you simply get more comfortable underwater, which we know happens during a race due to waves or getting run over at the start or whatever happens out there. Generally, a flip turn leaves you without a breath longer than you experience while swimming, especially if you are an every stroke breath to one side guy like me.

  11. I thought of your post tonight while swimming. I only flip turn every few lengths...it depends on if I'm trying to swim fast then I can't flip turn for the life of me. Kind of ironic since that is when I need to do them more! Good luck with your flip turn training!

  12. I such a weak swimmer, the fact that you did 8- of these is amazing!

    I am looking forward to reading about your tempo run--I'm still learning!

  13. Congrats on getting that flip turn! I swim laps (for fun) and have tried them on occasion, but usually end up with water up my nose or something equally as attractive ;)

  14. Love your competitive spirit. So glad you flippin' made it happen!

    Winks & Smiles,

  15. I've had this discussion with another tri guy who doesn't think flip turns are necessary. I think they are. They put you in oxygen dep which will only make you stronger, not to mention your NOT stopping on the wall. I tried this once, no flip turns a touch and go. I could have swam like that all day!! The flip turns make you work harder.


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