Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's be friends ok?

Don't be mad that I have taken over a week hiatus from isn't because I don't love you anymore, or that I don't have anything to say (b/c I have a LOT to say ALL THE TIME....ask Bill...he can't get me to shut up), As we all get sometimes I've just been overwhelmed.

I traveled two days last week for work and then was up to my ears from Thursday - Sunday with wedding festivities for SBJ.  I love that girl - and she is married and enjoying her honeymoon in Playa :)  Congrats my friend - you were beautiful!

I had Monday off from work (thanks MLK for your civil rights activities and giving me a three day weekend) - when I returned to the office yesterday my team had been moved to a new location.  I had packed all my stuff up last week -- it was moved over the weekend.  I had a 10 appt with a client - which I had to get some "office stuff" done before I went so I was at work at 7:30am... early for me.

I was swamped all day until 8 pm last night.

I'm still swamped today - but thought I needed to take a few minutes and climb out of my hole and say hello.

Training last week s.u.c.k.e.d. as you can imagine - between traveling and wedding it was a total fail.  This week I got a good 3 mile run in on Monday with some weights and core....Tuesday was a fail b/c of work - but I'm looking forward to a nice 1 hr 45 min. trainer ride tonight.  I plan to sweat this stress out.

In other life news....

I met with a realtor today.  Bill and I are officially moving into together and my house will hopefully be on the market in the next 4 weeks.  I'm ready for this.  It's a big step but one in which I am confident in.  Our relationship is strong our commitment to one another stronger and it makes no sense for me to continue paying a mortgage on a house that I don't step foot in.

My meeting with Chris the realtor today went fantastically.  Of course there are a few cosmetic changes that need to be made which was no surprise to me - I know I've needed to do that for a while.  But other than that structurally all is good.

I had foundation work done by the seller before I moved in, a new roof was put in also.  I have a new water heater, furnace, A/C, central vac and fence.  On paper it looks fantastic and it's going to be priced to sell as well.

I'm ready to get this off my payroll.  So if you want to live in a central location in Dallas with an even better tax break, looking for a 3 bed/2 bath/2 car garage home - I'm your girl.  You may even get a bloggy discount if you mention it :)

Other than those things - it's been pretty par for the course.

What have you been up to?  I'm still trying to catch up on blogs!


  1. Hi there, I found your blog via EAP and have followed you. Look forward to reading along with you.

  2. Welcome back! Multiple moves, that's tough.

  3. Aww shucks you guys are moving in..... swoon. Seriouly I know you have talked for over a year about maybe selling - now its here! I couldn't be happier for you love. And of course I'm also happy for Bill he gets an awesome roomie!


  4. congrats on moving in with your hunny!

    Good luck with the sell& move!

  5. You know...sometimes life happens...not much we can do about it. Congrats on your move.


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