Monday, February 14, 2011


First of all - Welcome to my new followers :) We are up to 83 which is totally rockin' my socks off right now.  Thanks to all of you 83 who tune in and follow my random-ness :)

It's Monday - again - which instinctively blows because it's Monday.  But it also means, a new training week and one day closer to my ultimate goal NOLA 70.3....Oh yes - it's Valentine's day also.

Happy Valentines Day :)
I'm so thankful to have Bill.  I'm not typically all lovey-dovey on here.  But I am so grateful for the love and unconditional support he gives me.

He deals with me when I'm extremely grumpy - usually stemming from hunger or fatigue.  He supports me in all of my crazy ideas (#1 this 70.3), he showers me with I love yous, kisses, hugs and more laughs than you can possibly imagine.

I think that's one of the things I love most about him - his innate ability to  make me laugh until I cry or puke.  Yes I've puked because I laughed too hard.  Actually it was last week.... I was drinking water; he said something funny, I choked, spit water out of my nose and then upchucked.  It was awesome and one of my finer moments for sure.

He surprised me this morning with a pearl necklace....get your mind out of the gutter - not THAT kind.  A real extended strand, freshwater, pearl necklace that has it's own pretty little case that folds open like you see in the movies.  It is gorgeous.  I changed my outfit so I could wear it today.  It is amazing..... he always picks up on the little things.  I had mentioned once that I wanted a longer pearl necklace b/c the one I have was my grandmothers and it's almost choker style.... he remembers which is also another reason why I love him.

We are going out to dinner tonight after we workout.  I have to swim 2500yds and he has weights and cardio.  My weight training is getting done during lunch so we can finish at approximately the same time at the gym, shower, and head to dinner.

In case you are wondering, I surprised him yesterday with his present.  I had our friend come over and hang the TV on the wall in the living room.  We bought a new TV right after the holidays (55inch 3D LCD) ... it looks great on the wall and makes the sound so much better.  Amazing what a little lift can do.  He was so surprised when we got home yesterday from my nephew's bday ... stunned actually.  It was great to see his face.

His 30th is on Friday - I can't wait to celebrate :)

In training news:

I had a great training week this week.  This was the first time we've stepped up my running since WR b/c of the issues I was having with my shin/calf.  I ran like the wind last night in my six miler.  In 1 hour and 1 min. I ran a hilly six miles through North Dallas.  I felt a little tight last night in my shin and IT band but did some stretching and felt good this morning.

Saturday was a BRICK (biking and running in combination) workout.  20ish mile bike ride and then a 2 mile run.  I rocked it.  Bill thought so to and treated me to our favorite Greek place for dinner (Zorba's) and then we went and saw The King's Speech. (go see it - it is a great movie).  I didn't have popcorn or soda either.....or butterfingers...which are my true weakness....along with Reese's peanut butter cups.  I like candy can you tell?

Like I said today is weights/core at lunch then swimming tonight....and then a night on the town with my will be included :)

What are you doing for Valentines Day? Training, spending it with loved ones, trying to forget it's Valentines?????


  1. it!! Ya'll are too cute:)

  2. I saw king's speech this weekend too. Great movie. I didn't realize you were training to NOLA. Me too

  3. Wow give Bill a high-five from me on those pearls :+) I bet they are beautiful!

    Hubs and I are cooking up an awesome mexican style steak dinner tonight (recipe should follow). XO.

  4. Dang it, I was hoping for a proposal post--HINT HINT HINT to Mr. Bill Kelly.
    I am proud of your continued energy for working out!! Its very inspiring!!!! Big hugs!

  5. My wife talks about "BRICKS" all the time, you gals are more studly than me ... no bike thank you!


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