Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super parties, super snow and super bowl XLV

Let me start this post off as a statement:

I am not 21 anymore.

Ok now that I've got THAT out of the way.....

As if you hadn't heard the Superbowl was here Sunday.  (Congrats Packers! - I was rooting for the Steelers but any team I root for looses so it was no surprise....)

If you've ever had the Superbowl in your respective cities you will understand what I am about to talk about AND if you have a significant other or family member in the liquor business you will understand....combine those two and it's a recipe for disaster...oh yes and that dreadful weather we had last week.


I was planning on doing a mainly wordless post today and just post pictures from the SEVEN Superbowl parties we attended in 5 days but that would make me look like I went on a 5 day binder.....when in actuality I TRIED to maintain as healthy eating as I could since my workouts tanked.

We had 4 snow days in a row.....the city and surrounding areas shut down - no school, no work...but the Superbowl must go on - therefore the parties must go on - therefore Allison and Bill must go b/c Bill's work said so.

So in semi-wordless fashion.....I share with you our Superbowl party pics...

Cayla and I before we left for the DeMarcus Ware & Andres Gurode Party - Wednesday February 2

My reaction to the snow on Friday

Said snow....and icicles b/c I think icicles are cool

Toes in the snow.....

What we looked like on Friday - lazy, lazy lazy

Thursday night....Jack Daniels party

The Flaming Lips Concert at the Jack Daniels Party

Us with the man who looked like a Jack Daniels statue...but he was real

Allie .... Get your gun..

Bacardi Party with the Black Eyed Peas - Friday, February 4

Bill with his two buddies from high school (randomly also in the industry)
Bill, John, Aaron

Me and My love - BEP 2/4
You have to take pics in front of the step and repeat
Our best football pose

Or is it this one?

This one got a lot of votes from friends.... HIKE!

I just love him
My one celebrity pic - Jesse Palmer, commentator and The former bachelor

Saturday night was the Jeremy Piven Grey Goose Party and Sunday was a watching party - those pics are uploaded yet so you will have to wait.

I will tell you - I won over the Aqua bitches last night..... Had a great swim, good weights and core and ran 4 miles this morning....on my way back from a week of nonsense.

Tonight....an hour trainer ride....until then...work - BOO - I miss my snow days...maybe tomorrow.


  1. DAMN girl, you guy's had your party on !!!

  2. Wow that's a whole hell of a lot of parties - I should have drove up. dang.

    I'm hosting a couple give-aways this week be sure to stop by and enter :+)

  3. PS: The Ali get your gun photo cracked me up.

  4. Did Jesse stick his finger in a socket before the pic or was he just happy to see you?

  5. Wow!! Your super bowl parties rocked mine! You are a social butterfly!!

    You look gorgeous in your pics!!!!

  6. Wow, so VIP! We just went to the bar up the street on Sunday and spent the other days drinking at home and getting fluffy.

  7. The parties must go on, snow or no snow! Looks like so much fun!

  8. You look fabulous, girl! Glad you had a great time despite the snow! I love the pic of the two of you doing the Heisman pose. Too cute! Hope you and your love have a great Valentine's Day!


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