Monday, February 21, 2011

Surprises and Swimming

Currently my laptop has burned the inside of my leg b/c I am catching up on 296 blog posts.  Yes 296.  I haven't read a blog in quite some time.  Last week at work was crazy (we closed our month on Thursday) and then Friday the peeps started rolling in for Bill's surprise party.

I couldn't mention anything on here b/c if Bill read it then the surprise would have been a bust - but for the last month I have been secretly planning a kick ass surprise party for him at our house...fully equipped with 30 of our closest friends and family, catering, drinks, and debauchery.

We had an awesome time and Bill was so very surprised.  It warmed my heart when he was genuinely surprised and not just surprised as to not hurt my feelings.  I was so busy during the party I didn't take any pictures so I don't have any to share on here....but it was full of this...

If there is one in your area you should hit it up immediately.  This little taco shop started in Ft. Worth next to the campus of TCU and has now franchised and expanded into six states other than Texas.  Delicious.

As for training - last week was an epic fail.  After my terrible swim on Monday I rode my trainer twice (once on Tuesday and once on Wednesday) and the rest of the week was a bust.  Seriously bad.  But maybe a few rest days was what I needed.  Today I went to the gym and banged out 2600yds in the pool with 1600 yds of that being a self imposed mile time trial.  42:22 was my mile time.  I'm ok with that.  I believe if I keep that pace in NOLA I should be able to meet my goal of one hour in the water. 

I've been thinking about my goals for NOLA lately.  So far I've set my swim and run are still TBD.

Tomorrow I'm traveling for work to New Mexico (Albuquerque and Santa Fe) and then it's back home Wednesday/Thursday and then it's back out of town Friday for a wedding.

We have 4 weddings so far this year --- 3 of which we have to travel for. 

It was natural that since training was an epic fail that blogging would be too.  So my blog fell off the radar last week.  I'm back - so don't fret.

I'm enjoying the rest of my day off today for President's Day and gettin' my hair did. 

Off to get the roots died so I don't look like hooker....


  1. Man oh man it sounds like you've been a busy bee as well, glad to have you back!

    Ps: I posted another give-away this morning :-)

  2. You made me laugh out loud at the hooker comment.

  3. We have a Fuzzys here and I LOVE it.

    Wait, where are you? Are we close?

  4. Love it that Bill's party was a surprise and no issues.

    We went to Fuzzy's for lunch today. I can consume their veggie tacos by the truckload. Love 'em.

  5. So glad you are back!! And I need to give the fuzzy wuzzy place a shot! I was gonna go last week but the weather wasn't workin' for me and wanted to sit outside on the patio...

    Wish you were reporting about YOUR wedding.

  6. I am leaving for Venezia. I send the e-mail when I will be back (thursday).
    Kind regards.


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