Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tribute Tuesday - Week 4 - NOLA Edition

There is a saying in triathlon that goes like this:

The swim is all about focus, The bike is all about patience, The run is all about heart......

At least for me - this holds true.  Open water swimming is my least favorite thing EVER - behind mushrooms and mayonnaise.  If I can get through the swim I know I will be OK! More on my plans for each discipline later this week....

Tribute Tuesday Time again and this one is special. Not that ALL of them haven't been special but this one is really special because it's NOLA time.  29 weeks of training - 1 day - 3 disciplines and 1 very pretty medal at the end. (I actually have no idea what the medal looks like, but it could be the shape of a cow turd and I would be happy)

Not sure what Tribute Tuesday is? Click Here....

Tribute Tuesday - Week 4 - The New Orleans Edition

This week I thought I would pay tribute to all of you who have helped me in this process of training for NOLA.  It hasn't been easy all of the time, it hasn't always been fun, but it's always worth it and I am proud to compete and have all of you Angels/Ninja's with me on Sunday. 

I wanted to pay special tribute to some very special people so I broke up the race into the split times and dedicated each segment to a person.  So while I'm on that part of the course I will be thinking of that person (along with many many other things/people I'm sure).

So here we go.....

Swim - 1.2 miles - Coach Lea.  Lea has been integral in my training.  Without her I'm not sure I would have done this.  She was a God send to me the day I called Run On! asking for someone to speak at my work for our wellness initiative.  God knew what he was doing when he sent Lea to my office.  She has pushed my limits and coached me to places I never thought I would go.  She has celebrated with me, encouraged me and continues to push me beyond what I think I am capable of.  She is an amazing woman, wife, and triathlete.  Her heart is made of pure gold.  I dedicate the swim to her because she has helped me immensely with my swim.  She had me go to Master's swim a few days a week and through her coaching and others at Masters I improved my form and time (and a flip turn here and there).  Lea’s voice will be with me as I swim in NOLA – stay focused, don’t push it to hard, breath and HAVE FUN!

Bike – Split 1;28 miles (1-28)  - Cayla.  Need I say anymore than this post? She is the reason I am a triathlete today.  Without her diving into this crazy sport 2 years ago with me, I wouldn’t be here.  She is the best friend a girl could ask for.  I know you will be with me as I hop on my bike and head out into NOLA – I maybe thinking about the crazy times we’ve had in New Orleans on girl’s trips (which will make me crave a hurricane) or the wonderful conversations we’ve had on our bikes or a host of many other things we’ve been through during the last 10 years.  But you will be with me silently motivating me and pushing me to the end.  Thank you for your unwavering friendship.

Bike – Split 2 – 28 miles (29-56) - Jason.  You probably know Jason – he’s like an Internet sensation with his super amazing blog Cook Train Eat Race.  He is an inspiration and if you don’t know him you are surely missing out.  His blog is full of healthy food, tips, reviews, and generally everything you need to know about everything…seriously – he’s like an encyclopedia!  Jason has been an inspiration to me since the day I found him on the world wide web.  I can’t remember what led me to his old site but I read his profile, realized he lived in the town I grew up in and VOILA!  We met for the first time at our blogger meet up before White Rock. I also met his adorable wife, Karen (WHO NEEDS TO GET A BLOG), Lesley (Racing It Off), John (Emergence) and Jason’s coach – Claudia (IrunItri).  Jason has been a constant go-to source for all things triathlon, food, etc related.  He is full of knowledge, motivation, inspiration and laughs.  We’ve had two enjoyable rides together and our last ride on Saturday was just what I needed for that final boost of confidence heading into NOLA.  Jason constantly drives me to become the best me I can be – whether that is through comments on my blog, twitter, fb, text, conversation – whatever the mode – he makes me better at what I love to do.  Jason, thank you for all your support, your help, and your friendship.  You will never know the great strides I have made that I can attribute directly to you.  You are the best and I am so thankful I met you and Karen.  You two are wonderful examples of marriage, family and healthy living.  Thank you for all you have done for me.

Run – Split 1 – 3.275 miles (1-3.275) – Cassie.  Cassie doesn’t have a blog so I can’t link to her….but hopefully she will soon enough!  Cassie just finished her first half ironman in Galveston last weekend and I am so proud of her it is overflowing!  Cassie and I have known each other since college.  We were in an organization together, Aggie Orientation Leaders.  She is truly a wonderful person.  Her heart is full of compassion, determination, self discipline and true grit.  She knows how to get into the trenches and do the work.  She is an inspiration to me every day and another driving force behind why I started triathlon.  While on FB one day (over 2 years ago) I saw that Cassie had completed her first Sprint Distance Triathlon in 2008 and had posted pictures.  This was coinciding with the time my girlfriends and I started our weight loss challenge.  I thought – man that is interesting and impressive.  Because I had seen that she had competed in a tri – it sparked my interest.  Cassandra – if it wasn’t for you I don’t know if triathlon would have ever crossed my mind.  Because of you I found the sport I love.  I watch you and your accomplishments and you drive me to do more.  I know we don’t talk that often, or train together that often (which should change!) but you should know that you are always with me, motivating, inspiring me and helping me become the best I can be!

Run – Split 2 - 3.275 miles (3.276 – 6.55) – Amber – At this point in the race there is a good possibility I will see you, Bill and my mom with hurricane in hand chasing me through the streets of New Orleans.  I am so thankful you are going to be there to cheer me on and support me.  You are such an important part of my life and I am so thankful over the last 2 years we have reconnected and developed the friendship we have today.  You are my daily blessing.  Thank you for coming to NOLA to be part of my support team – because of you I ran my first ever 8 miler (remember dancing down Avenue I?) and my second half marathon.  You are the best friend, a loving wife and a wonderful mother.  I am lucky to call you my friend and am so lucky I have you in my life

Run – Split 3 - 3.275 miles (6.55 – 9.84) – Bill- OH Bill…what can I say about my love!  Without him I KNOW this wouldn’t be possible.  Because of him THIS IS POSSIBLE!  His commitment to me and my lifestyle is more than any one girl deserves.  He is continually pushing me beyond my brink in regards to this journey.  He believes in me MORE than I believe in myself and knowing that you have that kind of support behind you is what keeps me going.  (That and his amazing hugs).  I do this for me – but inevitably it makes OUR life better.  You are the love of my life and I thank you for all you do to make this possible.  The days when I feel like crying you are there to push me out the door on my bike.  The days it hurts to run – you run with me.  The days I don’t want to swim – you go to the gym with me to make sure I get my work out in.  You are the absolute best thing that has happened to me and without your support this would all be for nothing.  You make sacrifices so I can get my training in – you stand for hours watching me run in races, you are always there with a camera and a smile at the end.  The feeling I get when you say “I’m proud of you Al” is the best feeling in the world (next to I love you) Knowing that I have done something to make you proud makes me smile. You are an amazing man Bill and I love every little last piece of you.  Thank you for all you do for me – the dinners, the laundry, all of it… without you this wouldn’t be possible.  Through the last few miles of this race I will run faster knowing that you are at the end waiting for me.

Run – Split 4 - 3.275 miles (9.85 – 13.1) – Jessica.  If you are new to the blog you may have searched through the posts to learn about Jess.  Here’s a quick few links if you want to learn more ( TTwk1, Letters to my BFF, another letter, tri for a cure )
I dedicated the last part of my run to Jess, although I know she will be with me the entire race.  My angel – she is with me all of the time.  But I have a hankering feeling I will need her most at the end…when it hurts, when I will more than likely be in tears, I will need her to carry me on her angel wings to the finish.  She would be so proud and no doubt would be standing at the end waiting for me to finish.  I miss you Jess but know that you are with me everyday.  Watch out for me on Sunday while I tackle this course as you tackled your disease.  Be with me through every splash, turn of the pedal and stride on the run; carry me on your wings to the finish and know that through this all I think of you every day.  You are my inspiration.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute post... I'm going to have another one ready soon :+)

    Good luck this weekend girl - YOU HAVE IT IN THE BAG xoxo.

  2. What a great post

    I cant wait to hear all about NOLA and how you did!!

  3. Team TAN (Team Angels/Ninjas) in FULL EFFECT.....

    My goodness I am so excited for you. Going to be setting up Ironman.com and getting my refresh finger ready. Actually it is ready and needs to head to recovery after last week's Galveston and this week's Nola the refresh finger will be happy with recovery week.

    YOU SO GOT THIS. Don't forget to spin those legs at the end of my leg of NOLA. With those last 1-2 miles left let the legs spin and get them ready for the run. Stop eating and drinking at the same time too....don't want that belly sloshing around before you head out to crush the finish.

  4. We'll be with you the entire time, stalking you and twittering all about it. Sending all kinds of good race vibes your way!

  5. So excited to stalk you this weekend. You're going to do fabulous!

    Check back on my blog tomorrow. There will be a surprise just for you! :)


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