30 B4 30...

I’ve been thinking lately about things I want to do – I’m a goal person so setting a goal and working to achieve it is critical for me… There are so many things I want to do and I have just over a year to complete the following:
italics=in progress
crossed out = complete
  1. Compete in (and complete) a Half-Ironman – slated for April 17 2011
  2. Finish my professional designation as a CPCU (chartered property and casualty underwriter) (working on my ARM instead - Assoicate in Risk Mangament - more geared towards my profession 2 of 3 classes completed)
  3. Grow a garden…successfully (we have now grown tomatoes, jalapenos, basil, cilantro, rosemary and thyme...go us!)
  4. Put together a cookbook of all my mom, grandmother, and aunts recipes for my family (if you are interested in this – visit tastebook – it’s a GREAT site) Started July 6 – hoping to distribute the cookbooks to family for christmas 2010
  5. Run a half marathon (technically this would be completed during the half ironman) – White Rock Half marathon Dec. 5
  6. Run a marathon (or run/walk…let’s not kid ourselves) – probably not going to happen
  7. Attend the World Series 2010
  8. Feel good in a bathing suit – I felt good for the first time in a bathing suit summer 2010
  9. Pay off my debt by 50%
  10. Become a vegetarian (just for a week) - Started June 13
  11. Skydive…again… I’ve been once.. it was actually BK and I’s secondish date.
  12. Start my MBA
  13. Recycle on a regular basis
  14. Take and become CPR certified - June 2011
  15. Be a brunette – for at least six weeks between hair appointments.. I’m a blonde; always have been
  16. Grow my hair and then cut it for “Locks of Love” – it’s longer now than it has ever been and I’ll be honest I have a fear of cutting it now. (I didn't have enough for Locks of Love)
  17. The 30 day shred AND P90X (I’m looking to get more tone so I can achieve #8)
  18. Be ok with being 30….. YIKES!
  19. Start a non profit in honor BFF
  20. Watch the StarWars movies … I’ve only seen one
  21. Re-read Gone with The Wind…I cheated in H.S. and read the first part then watched the movie…I’ve always regretted it.
  22. Use my passport…. it’s never been used, sad I know.  The two times I’ve left the country were before you needed passports, Mexico and Canada which really…does that count anyway?
  23. Quit smoking … I’m highly the “social” smoker as every non-smoker smoker will tell you.  But I want to quit for good… to the point of not even having one when I’m drinking, stressing, or socializing
  24. Join a volunteer organization… there are so many children’s hospitals in Dallas I want to begin volunteering at; as well as many other organizations.
  25. Raise enough money for LiveStrong Challenge that I get to ride my bike with Lance Armstrong (didn't happen *tear*)
  26. Figure out how to be OK with turning 30 it’s not the end of the world
  27. Become a certified spin instructor (and begin teaching spin classes)
  28. Buy a custom suit… included jacket, vest, pants and skirt (a power suit if you will)
  29. Own a pair of expensive shoes…manolo’s, jimmy choo, etc to go with my suit
  30. deleted 28 and 29 and decided on a Louis Vuitton instead
  31. Enjoy being 30 – it isn’t the end of the world