Tribute Tuesdays

Tribute Tuesdays is a new weekly installment that will be jointly hosted here at TriandFinish as well as over at my friend Janette’s blog, Johanson Journey

Janette was inspired by my letters to BFF post(s) and contacted me to jointly host Tribute Tuesdays.  We often times forget to tell the people in our lives how special they are and what they mean to us.  Every day I tell Bill I love him, but how often do I tell him WHY I love him or recognize the little things he does?  Similar to my relationships with all of my girlfriends; they know I love them but do they really know how special they are to me?

I realized this when Jess got sick; so when Janette came to me with this idea I absolutely could not pass it up.  I think telling the people who inspire you and make your life better how they enrich your life is very important.  So without further a due, I debut (see how that rhymes)…….

Tribute Tuesday Week One.

We will start off with the particulars …… (Everything has rules right?)

  1. Be or become a follower of this blog
  2. Be or become a follower of Janette’s blog
  3. Grab our button and put it on your page (you grab the code in the top left corner of my blog)
  4. Once you create your Tuesday post – link up via the Simply Linked Widget below!
Each week we will pick one blog that has linked up to be the SHOWCASE BLOG OF THE WEEK (Sounds exciting huh?) We ask that you follow that blog as well….pretty soon we will have blogged hopped all over and can read each other posts.
You can tribute a friend, a relative, a co-worker, a training buddy, a teacher, a doctor, get the point? You can tribute anyone……

Some things to think about when compiling your post….if you need a jumping off point – if not go ahead and start writing....

*         How/Where you met
*         First thoughts and impressions
*         What made you two compatible
*         What you like most about that person
*         First Special Moment
*         How you are alike yet different
*         Things you love
*         Things you hate
*         Photos (I LOVE photos)
*            Silly moments
*            Traveling

Again, these are just ideas – roll with this how you want – I think that is the great part of our blog-o-sphere we can be creative and say what we want, when we want – right?

So jump on our Tribute Tuesday Bandwagon - Write it, post it, link up and join the fun!