Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Labor Day weekend for us was pretty laid back.  No major parties or get together's.  We played golf Friday, baseball tournament Saturday/Sunday, watched a ton of football and enjoyed the VERY WELCOME nice temperatures.

Yesterday I taught my THIRD spin class --- all 80's sound track..... it was fun music for a fun day.  I have had my classes grow each week by one person - started with 12 and yesterday had 14.  very.freakin.excited.

I hope they continue to grow, I think my class if fun, a great workout, and educational - but hey that's me :)

Other than that, we are prepping for Maui on Friday!  I can't believe it's here..... really HERE! I've been waiting for what seems like forever to be going on vacation and I just can't stand it any longer.... ready to board that plane and head west.

So far our itinerary looks like this:

Thursday - full day of work; take off from DFW to SEA at 9:45pm

Friday - Leave SEA at 9:30 (Seattle time) and land in Maui 1:30 (Maui time ~ 6hrs of flight time)
           - Drive around the island and explore - grab some fruity drinks, get an ocean swim, explore, explore.

Saturday - Pick up the jeep rental at the airport and drive the Road to Hana - with MULTIPLE stops during the 60 mile one way trip including, water falls, natural swimming pools, red sand beaches, black sand beaches, a nude beach and plenty of hiking!  (talk about a great workout!)

Sunday - (through Wednesday) Check in at the Ritz Carlton and my 5 days of relaxation begins.... Bill is playing golf two days and I'm planning on spa-ing it up - massage and facial and all the amenities of the spa - i.e. plunge pools, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, fresh fluffy towels, robes and slippers........ cucumbers on the eyes.... you name it I'm doing it.  Relax by the pool with fruity drinks, take a dip in the ocean, eat my face off, and probably get a few runs in........ done and done.....

Thursday - Check into a beach side cottage and settle in for the remainder of our trip through Saturday.  We are planning on snorkeling, taking a morning volcano tour with breakfast and a bike ride down.  And other hiking/swimming/island adventures on our own.



  1. have a fantastic trip!!! sounds so wonderful.

  2. Seriously....where do I sign up for a spin class with 80's music!?!?!

  3. Have a wonderful time in Maui!! We spent our honeymoon there and I still think it's the most magical place on earth. We did the volcano bike ride thing...I thought it was one of the most AWESOME things I have ever done, but my husband hated it! As long as you like riding down hill...it will be GREAT. Enjoy!


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