Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Every day is a new day to get re-motivated...

My coach sent me that in an email on Sunday when she sent me my weekly workouts.

It was just a what I needed.

Monday I went to the spin class that will soon be "MY" spin class... as in I'm the coach/instructor/i'

Very excited about that.  Monday 8/22 I'm waiting for you (and all the spinsters at the gym) EEK!!!

Tuesday I had to go to Little Rock for work so I woke up early (SHOCKER!) for the first time in about a billion years and headed to the track for a workout with the Life Time Fitness Run Club.

Best 3 mile run ever.

Not the fastest, not the easiest, but best ever.  Knowing that I was "back out there" doing what I

I think I like training more than racing?  Is that normal?

Any who - tonight is a 4 miler-ish with my girl Courtney! LOVE RUNNING WITH HER!  We always have so much fun and the time passes so quickly!

Off to run.......


  1. No, that is not normal. I like training and pushing my body everyday but all that work is for the reward of RACING.

  2. i would MUCH rather train than race!! I get so worked up and nervous trying to beat a previous time or not wanting to come in last that it makes me sick to my stomach to think about sometimes. of course what did i do yesterday? register for a half... :) go figure!

  3. Yay! And I love that you are going to kick the spin class attendee butts! I wish our spin instructors did a little more of that!


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