Monday, August 15, 2011

a post about rain

Saturday morning I woke up to rain outside.

Seriously - rain; I forgot what it looked like.  I was kind of confused and thought that perhaps the sprinkler system had busted again and my excitement would be whisked away by a rogue sprinkler head, but alas I was wrong and the water was actually FALLING FROM THE SKY!

I woke up early on Saturday, loaded all my gear and headed for our fitness expo at Life Time Fitness.  We were launching our cycle club and from the looks outside I just knew it was going to be a slow day at the gym b/c of the rain.  Since we haven't had RAIN in what seems like YEARS, I just knew everyone was going to take advantage and have a lazy rainy Saturday.

I was in deed right....

I stayed at the gym until around 12:30 and then headed home.  My phone rang I was driving the 3 miles home and Bill lovingly said "the a/c is broke....again".

*this is the third time it's broken this summer*

We called out the A/C company, I stayed home while Bill went and picked up his Dad from the hospital.  In short, we need a new outside unit.

They are replacing it today at 12. Hallelujah!  We've stayed at the house that was formerly on the market the last two nights.

At least we have a place to go I guess.

Happier news.... 23 days until Maui........ .

Now...go get me a mai tai :)

PS - major changes coming in regards to the ride 4 jess.... hopefully this week so stay tuned


  1. Yall aren't selling your old house? Are you going to try and rent it instead?

  2. There is a LTF riding club out here and lot of people really like it.

    Sucks about the AC

  3. Yay for rain! Hope the AC is fixed soon. Arg!!


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